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Dual Side Sealer for Paper


The Advantage Machinery DSS-80P is the newest development from Garrido.  The DSS-80P is a fully automatic, continuous motion side sealer specialized in the sealing of treated paper.

The machine comes standard with 6' infeed conveyor.  The paper is fed on the unwind stand using a dual roll carriage and its passes through an inverting section into the seal area.  The product is introduced into the machine through the infeed conveyor.  The spacing conveyor detects the leading and trailing edges of the product in order to create the appropiate spacing.  The side seal systems seal the lateral sides of the products and the trim gets rewound onn the scrap takeaway system.  After the sides are sealed, the continuous motion cross seal section seals and cuts the paper between each product.

The machine can come in a variety of widths and can also come with a sealing kit to be able to seal both paper and PE.

Imperial (in)

Product size LxWxH (in)
(12" - infinite) x (6 1/2" - 28") x (0 - 5 7/8")
Cross Sealing Blade Size W (in)
31 1/2"
Max. Speed (ft/min)
90 - 110
*Depends on product size and material



Metric (mm)

Product size LxWxH (mm)
(300 - infinite) x (165 - 710) x (0 - 150)
Cross Sealing Blade Size W (mm)
Max. Speed (m/min)
27 - 33 1/2
* Depending on product and material



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