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Semiautomatic Case Making Machine


The Advantage Machinery Model Digi-HC is an efficient case making solution for short to medium runs. The machine is run by one operator who feeds the paper cover onto the gluing section. The glued paper returns to the operator with copper guides. The operator then places the glued paper on top of the table and registers it with side guides. A foot pedal activates the suction table so the paper does not move. Board guides are then used to accurately place the boards on top of the glued paper. This allows for a precise and efficient positioning. The machine has a 45 degree corner cutter that can be used at this time to cut the paper corners. The operator then pushes the cover into the folding section where the 2 long sides are folded and returned. The operator then turns the cover 90 degrees and feeds it into the folding section where it finishes folding the cover.

The Digi-HC is suitable for the manufacturing of book covers, game boards, rigid boxes, etc.


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