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Automatic Exercise Book Machine 


The Advantage Machinery model SAC-HP 1020 exercise book machine is manufactured according to the demands of the industry, utilizing state of the art technology. The machine has a maximum capacity of 350 meters per minute. The unwind stand allows for paper width between 680 and 1020 mm and a maximum diameter of 1300mm. With the capacity to work with papers from 50 to 200 g/m2, the paper tension is controlled with a braking system and decurling system.


The printing units are equipped with 4 flexo-graphic printing units of 2 color printing on each side of the paper. Each unit has a rubber covered fountain roller, a metallic anilox roller, a printing cylinder for cyrel printing plate or laser engraved printing sleeve and the impression roller. An optional pneumatic system can be included for each printing unit in order to control de pressure and to separate the impression roller in the moment that the machine stops. The system comes with an additional motor which keeps the anilox and fountain roller spinning so the ink does not dry and minimizes waste once the machine restarts.


The rotary cross cutter can cut between 300mm to 670mm in length, size change is accomplished by changing of cutting gear. An optional servo-motor can replace the gear change system. This enables a precision cut that helps minimize waste and also allows a gearless size change, which is done through the touch screen. Counting and collating section gathers from 3 to 50 sheets. The change the number of sheets is done by gear but can with an optional servo-motor.


Two (02) cover inserters place a cover with a thickness range between 80 and 400 g/m2 on the grouped sheets. The machine is capable of having up to 3 cover inserters. The grouped sheets are then transported to either the high pile delivery or the stitching station where the product is stapled with wire. The product is then folded in half and the back spine is pressed. The front of the folded product is then trimmed and cut to size, delivering a 4 up product.

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