Semiautomatic Casing & Pressing and Creasing Machine


The Advantage Machinery Model SCI-L is a semiautomatic casing-in machine that is easy to operate and efficient in its production. The machine has a cover guide system which holds the book cover in place. The book block is fed through the front of the machine on a fixed wing which has a push system that takes the book block to a moving wing, which transports it though the gluing system. The glued book block is then fed into the book cover where the operator takes the completed book. A foot pedal activates the production cycle, which allows the operator to keep both hands on the book cover. The guides on the machine allows for precise placement of the block into the book cover. This machine is ideal for on-demand book manufactures along with short to medium run productions.

The SCP-L is an effective and easy to use book press and creasing machine. One operator can operate the machine while operating the SCI Casing-in Machine. Easy size changeover makes the SCP the ideal machine for binderies of all sizes.


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