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Automatic Case-Making Machine


The HC-30 Plus is an automatic machine for the manufacturing of hard covers, which cases both the outside cover and the inside liner. The process is initialized through the automatic cover feeder (1), which sends the cover paper through the gluing roller (2), the glued paper is transported on a vacuum belt (3), which is controlled through a servo motor. The cover is stopped in the board feeding device (4), the board is placed on the cover using a servo motor controlled board registration system, which automatically senses the position of the paper and adjusts the angle to make sure that the board is registered perfectly.


The case is then passed through an automatic folding system that folds the four flaps over. The case is then transported through a flipping section (5), that takes the board onto the next board feeding system (4a), simultaneously the inner paper feeder (1a), is feeding the liner paper and passing it through the glue roller (2a) the glued sheet is transported to the case on a vacuum conveyor belt (3a), once the case is fed onto the lining paper, the finished case passes through a pressing roller (6) and onto the delivery belt (7).

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