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Automatic Center Sewn Book Machine (Composition Book)


The Garrido Manufacturing Intersystem is an automatic machine for the production of center sewn exercise books. The machine is manufactured according to market demands and is produced using state of the art technology and components. Garrido Manufacturing is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing machine for the sewn notebooks. The Intersystem completes the entire process from roll to finished product.

Unwind Stand

The machine comes equipped with 2 non-stop automatic roll splicers. The machine operates with 2 rolls at a time while there is an extra roll loaded. Once the roll in operation reaches the end, the machine automatically splices the 2 rolls. An operator then uses the Crane System to change the empty roll and prepare it for the next splice. This system helps increase efficiency by 20% by not having to stop the machine in order to change the rolls. In the event that the customer prefers to have shaftless unwind stands, they can be replaced for double shaftless stands. A web guide system ensures that the edge of the paper rolls always gets fed in accurately.

Printing Units

The flexo graphic printing station consists of 2 towers with 4 units on each tower. The machine prints 2 colors on each side of both rolls. The system has a recirculation pump that transports the ink between the printing units and the ink tank. The ink is processed from the fountain with a rubber transfer roller that places the ink on the anilox roller. The anilox roller precisely places the desired amount of ink on the photo polymer plate or sleeve, which then prints directly on the paper.

The machine comes equipped with a mandrill system that supports the use of sleeves. The changeover of the sleeves is very simple and efficient. A hydraulic system lifts the mandrill on one side allowing the operator to remove and replace the sleeve without taking off the mandrill. A crane system is built on top of the printing tower to assist with mandrill changes.

The printing units each come equipped with a pneumatic system that automatically separates the anilox roller from the sleeve and simultaneously turns on a motor which rotates the anilox roller and transfer roller. This helps reduce down time and waste. This is achieved because the ink does not dry on the anilox roller, reducing the clean up needed on it and the waste that is generated on the paper when the machine starts again.

Rotary Cutting and Collection

The machine utilizes a rotary cutting system, which has a fixed bottom knife and a top knife which is placed on the rotary cutting cylinder. The size change is achieved my changing a gear and is progressive every 5mm.

After the sheets are cut, the transportation belts shingle the paper and a star system groups and counts them. The count is set through gears and is capable to count 3-50 sheets using a single roll and 6-100 using double rolls. The counted groups are then transferred using a pusher system that is controlled with chains.

Cover Feeders

The machine is equipped with 2 Mabeg Style, Non-stop cover feeders. The covers are stacked on a pile which automatically lifts the table and the paper is transported using a feeding head that works using a vacuum pump. The cover feeders can insert the covers on top of the grouped sheets or on the bottom.

Synchronization system between the Ruling machine and the Sewing Units.

After the cover is placed on the groups, they are transported to the sewing machines through a sophisticated synchronization system. The groups are fed into each sewing machine and if the sewing machine is busy the group is sent onto the next sewing machine. The groups are jogged to make sure the paper and covers are even and they are transported into the sewing machines.

Pile Delivery

In the event that all 4 sewing machines are busy, the synchronization system sends the groups into a pile delivery. These grouped sheets can later be fed into the sewing machines manually. The pile height is 750mm but an optional deep pile of 1500mm can be selected.

Sewing and Taping System.

The Intersystem comes standard equipped with 4 sewing lines. The groups are fed from the ruling section through a gripper system that is servo motor controlled to ensure that the speed is the same as the sewing function. The sewing head provides a chain stitch which ensures a reliable and long lasting binding. The sewing head has an oil recirculation system that automatically lubricates the head to ensure a stable production. The pressure sensitive tape is applied immediately after the sewing and the thread and tape are cut.

A bridge system allows for operators to cross to different sewing sections without needing to turn off the machine.

Synchronization system between the sewing and the cutting systems.

After the groups are sewn and taped, they are transported into the cutting unit though a synchronization system that feed the groups into an inverting wheel. The inverting wheel flips the grouped sheets so that cover faces upward, which is necessary for the folding function.

Folding and Square Back Section

After the groups are flipped they are transported into the folding section. A blade pushes the groups in between 2 rollers and then into the square back section. The folded group is pressed down and a set of bearings presses on the spine of the book to achieve the desired square back.

Cutting Units and Round Corner

The folded groups are then transported to the frontal cutting knife where the trim is cut of the group. It then goes into the side knives to separate the books and trim the 2 edges. The knives use a shear system with a moving top knife and a fixed bottom knife. The unit is made of sturdy reinforced steel, capable of running production of sewn exercise books with thick composition book covers. The cut books are then separated and the corners are rounded. The machine is equipped with 10 round corner knives that operate using a fix bottom knife and moving top knife. The machine will be able to run 3, 4 and 5 up.

Flipping Section and Delivery

The finished notebooks are then transported through a flipping section where the product can be flip-flopped to a pre determined quantity. This option can be turned off. The delivery unit will take one set of notebooks and transport then 1 at a time to the side, where the line can be connected to a stacker and a labeling system.

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