Automatic Case-Making Machine


The HC-30 Liner is a fully automatic case-making machine that is specialized for placing the lining board on cases and for specialty mounting operations. The machine is easy to operate and allows for quick change over times. The machine includes the following:

Sheet Feeder

  • Automatic Lifting Table.
  • Pneumatic control feeding head lifts the sheet from the back.


  • Top Surface Gluing Unit.
  • Suitable for hot animal glue and for PVA glue.
  • Vacuum Transport Belt.

Board Feeder

  • Automatic Lifting Table
  • Feeds board from top using suction to make sure that material is not scratched or damaged.
  • Position system accurately mounts the board onto the glued sheet.

Pressing Section

  • A pressing roller ensures that the air bubbles are removed.


  • A "Chute" style delivery table comes standard but can have a delivery conveyor belt.

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