Automatic Case-Making Machine


Fully automatic machine for case-making, lining and mounting, suitable for the production of binders, book covers, calendars and other paper over board items. Its user-friendly and compact design, together with the ease of operation and setup, makes this machine suitable for all production requirements.

The machine is composed of:

Sheet Feeder

  • Automatic lifting table.
  • Pneumatically controlled feeding head lifts the sheet from the back.


  • Top-surface gluing unit.
  • Suitable for hot animal glue and for PVA glue.
  • Vacuum transport-belt.
  • It allows gluing all kinds of covering materials.

Board Feeder

  • Top loading, bottom feed.
  • Automatically places up to 6 boards onto the glued sheet.
  • A three -point search system with precision sensors ensures an accurate positioning.                                                                                              
  • Suitable also for lining and mounting operations.
  • Versatile and easily accessible.


  • It turns in the four sides of the wrapping material.
  • Automatically tucks the corners with an innovative precision device.
  • High power nip-roller pressing unit.
  • Ensures high and constant quality output.

Output belt (optional)

  • Side-moving.
  • It allows non-stop unloading.

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