Garrido Printing Equipment Inc.  originally got its start in 1986 when Garrido Import and Export was founded by Diego Jose Garrido. In 1989 a request for a Heidelberg printing press was received and Diego found the correct machine. Throughout the search Diego saw that there was a big void in the market to supply high quality, rebuilt printing machinery and decided to focus the business in the Graphic Arts Industry.


As the years passed and experienced was gained in the Graphic Arts Industry, Garrido started distributing American and European Finishing Equipment. With the goal in mind to be able to supply economical, high quality machines for the automation of different processes.  Diego traveled the world looking for solutions to his client's needs.  In 1995 a need arose for a better manufacturing process of composition notebooks and with that need Garrido Manufacturing was born with the ST-100 sewing and taping machine. 


Garrido continued its goal of finding solutions for its customers while adapting to current business environments. Slowly the sale of rebuilt machinery started to decrease while the sale of new machinery increased.  In 2007 Garrido trademarked the brand name Advantage Machinery, which is a line of equipment that is manufactured under the strict supervision and control. The line of equipment has grown to have a full packaging division.


Today Garrido is still headed by Diego with the help of his two sons, Juan and Nicolas. All three share the same vision and goal, and that is to provide solution to their client's needs. They vow to be to always have the best interest of its customers in mind and to always be open to adapt in order to meet with the changing markets.





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